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A Pinch of Chiang Mai

December 9, 2015

A Pinch of Bella - Rustic & Blue - Wholesome Guide to Chiang MaiChiang Mai is a real gem when it comes to healthy café hopping in Thailand! Rustic wooden tables, mismatched chairs, exposed brick, mellow indie music playing in the background… these are café quirks that I think we can all dig! I left each place feeling impressed, inspired and most importantly, with a happy belly. Below are my top 6 picks!A Pinch of Bella - Imm Aim Vegetarian Cafe - Wholesome Guide to Chiang MaiA Pinch of Bella - Wholesome Guide to Chiang MaiA Pinch of Bella - Ristr8tto - Wholesome Guide to Chiang MaiA Pinch of Bella - Rustic & Blue - Wholesome Guide to Chiang MaiA Pinch of Bella - The Larder - Wholesome Guide to Chiang MaiA Pinch of Bella - Arttitude x Aum Vegetarian - Wholesome Guide to Chiang Mai

1. Rustic & Blue

A place so nice, I went there twice! Rustic Blue is absolutely adorable. Their produce is hand grown, and their menu unique. There’s a lovely little courtyard through the back with rustic seating arranged around a beautiful old tree adorned with feathered dream catchers. They have an amazing selection of house blend teas, fresh juices and smoothies. On both occasions I was there for breakfast, so I tried the Acai bowl and the Chia Pudding, both made with cashew milk. They were delicious, but the Acai Bowl was a total winner, bursting with freshness and flavour! Comparatively, Rustic & Blue is slightly more expensive (for Thailand) than the other cafés, but it’s well worth it!

2. Imm Aim Vegetarian Cafe

This rustic vegetarian oasis tucked away in the backstreets just outside of the Old City, serves simple, fresh and very reasonably priced food. All of their homemade curries can either be served with brown rice or sweet potato naan bread. Their food is comforting and clean, and they offer a great selection of cold-pressed juices.

3. Ristr8tto

This is an absolute must for any coffee lovers. Hip, minimalist, and famous for their ‘latte art’, Ristr8tto purely specialises in coffee. Their menu is pretty extensive, catering to all palettes. Plus, if you’re a real keen coffee bean, you can choose your preferred brewing method. From AeroPress to Chemex (and everything in between), Ristr8tto is guaranteed to make you your cuppa of dreams. The only non-dairy alternative is soy.

4. The Larder Cafe & Bar

A wonderful little brunch spot hidden down one of the backstreets just off Nimanhemin Road. Their signature ‘sexy’ sandwiches are prepared on homemade sourdough (you can opt for whole grain). I kept it simple with smashed avocado – it was heavenly. They also serve complimentary citrus infused water which is super refreshing.

5. Arttitude Gallery

A sweet little coffee shop that offers a beautiful selection of cold-pressed juices. Each juice is named after the world’s great works of art, and is served with a cute brown paper label detailing information on the original artwork.

6. Aum Vegetarian Restaurant 

A simple Thai restaurant serving vegetarian (and vegan) dishes that are organic and free from MSG. It’s very convenient if you are visiting the Old City as it’s located right by Tha Phae Gate. Their menu is pretty diverse, and they have a neat juice selection, too. What sold this place to me was the fact that they make their sushi with brown rice. I had their avocado maki as well as their fresh spring rolls*, accompanied by a fresh carrot, ginger and beetroot juice.

* quick heads up, the fresh spring rolls are made with tofu, but you can request to have them without if you prefer.

Happy café hopping! I’d love to hear any of your Chiang Mai recommendations or thoughts on any of the spots listed above!

♥ C.