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Honey & Vanilla Peach Ice-Cream (Dairy-Free)

August 27, 2016

A Pinch of Bella - Honey & Vanilla Peach Ice-Cream (Dairy-Free)I couldn’t resist buying these adorable wooden ice cream sticks. I’m such a sucker for kitchen accessories and trinkets that often go unused but these little guys really motivated me to experiment with a seasonal ice cream recipe. With the sweetest and juiciest peaches in season right now, I was pretty set on the main ingredient from the get-go. Refreshing, subtly sweet and zesty, this dairy-free ice cream is the perfect combination of Summer flavours.A Pinch of Bella - Honey & Vanilla Peach Ice-Cream (Dairy-Free)


1 x can full fat coconut milk refrigerated upside down overnight (see why below)
1/2 lime (juice only)
1 x teaspoon vanilla powder
3-4 x tablespoons raw honey
4 x peaches chopped up and frozen overnight


1. Open your can of coconut milk and pour the liquid into a separate bowl. By refrigerating the can upside down, the thick coconut milk will have solidified at the bottom of the can and is therefore easier to separate from the liquid. Scoop the creamy coconut milk into a mixing bowl and whisk with a hand mixer until light and fluffy. Set aside.
2. Combine the honey and vanilla with the coconut milk using the hand mixer.
3. In a blender mix the frozen chunks of peaches, coconut water and lime juice until smooth.
4. Stir the whisked coconut milk into the peach mixture until combined.  At this stage, test your mixture and, if needed, add another tablespoon of raw honey for extra sweetness.
5. Line a glass tupperware with parchment paper and pour in the ice cream mixture and freeze overnight.
6. For easy scooping, allow about 30 minutes for your ice cream to defrost before serving.
7. Serve with basil leaves.